Thursday, 23 July 2009

And finally.....BB news

I am one of the few people in the country who is watching and actually enjoying this year's series of 'Big Brother'.

Not sure who I want to see win this year, but I hope that either one of the new boys is booted out this week, being either Tom or Kenneth.

Who goes?... you decide.....

Not that often

One or two people have asked why I do not respond to messages on the blog.

One main reason is that I do not blog all day long, or indeed that often. Hence the name of the blogsite "AD blogs.... but not that often".

So, please, I'm not being rude, I just don't blog that often

Labour drop animal rights in Haringey

In a sad move at Haringey's Council Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the ruling Labour members voted in a unanimous vote to end the council's ban on animals performing at circuses in the Borough.

Some Labour members, in fairness to them, looked a bit akward at the decision, but still went along with it for "a year's trial". One member saying that he was "looking forward to seeing performing cats". Members were told that pets would be the main animals used....... however given the report indicated horses and donkies being used, I'm not sure how many people in Haringey have horses and donkies as their pets.

Alas, I was the only councillor to speak out against this (the Lib Dem councillor had gone home) leaving Labour to overturn a popular ban. I wonder how some of the so-called lefties angry at my departure will support me in October in trying to reverse this decision, or perhaps they will just follow the whip and complain behind closed doors. That didn't achieve much as I know from my time with Labour.

As I mentioned at Cabinet, my party politics may have changed, but my support for animal rights hasn't. It's a shame that Labour in Haringey has dropped an excellent policy.

My first full council

Obviously not my very first ever council meeting, but the first sitting as a Conservative councillor on the Opposition staring at my former Labour colleagues.

Monday night was always going to be a tough one and with local Tories and local residents in the gallery there to support me, certainly helped. Booed by a couple of Labour supporters and clapped and welcomed by others, I was able to get in and ask a question to Haringey leaseholders and supporting them against Labour's plan to charge them almost £1000 for an arial tax. The tv licence is bad enough, but now Labour Haringey want to impose a new arial tax for leaseholders as part of moving digital - it will be free to council tenants. Come on Labour, where is the equality? By the way, I'm a council tenant, so what's good for me should be good for leaseholders.

As I had a drink with others in the pub at the end of the meeting, I was saddened to see one of my former Labour colleagues and once close friend mouth a few unfriendly comments as she walked by....... Still, I've had worse from better!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A week with the Tories

It is almost a week now since I joined the Conservatives..... and what a mixed week.

Reaction to my defection from Labour to the Conservatives has, in the most, been warm and welcome by the majority of local residents who have contacted me. There have of course been those who feel hurt and angry and that will stay with them for a long time I'm sure of that.

I saw one negative comment about my becoming a Tory saying that I would become anti-gay. Well, obviously that person doesn't know me but is quite happy to make a snide remark. Before I came over I attended a pre-Pride event with David Cameron who welcomed what Labour has done on gay equality and apologised for Section 28. The room was full of mainly Tories and the majority were probably lesbian and gay, but this shows how far that the Conservatives have come. Oh and to answer the guy who thinks I will become "anti-gay"; I don't know you, you don't know me, but I am gay and proud of it. As the Stonewall ad says "Some people are gay.... get over it".

There have been a few calls for me to resign as a Councillor and thereby have a by-election. With 10months to go before the full council elections, I'm sure that the thousands of pounds that the by-election would cost is better spent on other council services. I would also remind those that there are currently two Labour councillors who defected from the Lib Dems and there were no by-elections. Indeed, throughout the country there are numerous defections and no by-elections. As I say, the people of Noel Park will speak in 10months time along with the rest of London and if the people of Noel Park want me as a Tory councillor or not, we'll know then and we'll all know how people really feel.

In the meantime after last Wednesday, I have spent time doing my surgery and going around Noel Park ward talking to local residents, continuing to hear what they've got to say about Labour, the Council and my defection. Along with this, I was pleased to take part in the Conservative street stall on Wood Green High Road on Saturday morning - I can't remember when Labour and the Lib Dems did this in Wood Green and on Sunday joining the Fortis Green Conservatives for their garden party. How refined an event and then last night to City Hall for a London Conservative reception with London Mayor, Boris Johnson, and being publicly welcomed by Boris to the Conservatives and meeting some of the movers and shakers of Tory politics in London.

A real mixed week and one that was very active for me and I'm still doing my bit at the gym........

Finally, a chance to say a huge thank-you to everyone who has text, rung or e-mailed me with their thoughts on my defection and offering their friendship and support, which I appreciate so much.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

I've joined the Tories..... and a gym

After a great deal of soul-searching, I've taken one of the hardest political decisions in my life. One that will probably see friends decide no longer to be friends and possibly making new friends.

I have joined the Conservative Party. It was a difficult decision and I know will hurt, anger and upset many. After 27 years of unbroken membership of the Labour Party, I really did not feel at home with Labour any more. It has been on the cards for many months and as I say, a great deal of soul-searching. It also means that I have become the lone Haringey Conservative Councillor facing 31 Labour and 25 Lib Dems at council meetings. What fun lays ahead for me. I have made clear however that at council meetings, I will vote against Labour where I feel it is right and vote for them when also correct. I will not be an Opposition councillor just for the sake of opposing, for Labour has done many good things over the years as well as ones that I have not been happy with.

I moved to the Tories yesterday in a photo-shoot with Party chairman, Eric Pickles. Some of the remarks on some websites have been nasty and cruel, but interesting is that most people who have said nasty things have hidden away their real name. Attack me if you will for my decision, but to my face please. So, yesterday afternoon and last night I was out in Noel Park delivering letters to local residents letting them know of my decision to defect. But the main thing I want to say is that I hope to continue working hard for the people who voted for me, to show even more than the trust they put in me three years is deserved. The reaction was very mixed, as I expected and interesting to hear people saying things like "I'll remain your friend, but will not vote for you" to "I have always voted for you for your standing up for Noel Park and will continue to do so".

Finally, I reiterate, I am sorry to any one who feels hurt and betrayed. Time will tell whether Noel Park residents accept this apology and it is to them that I will listen to and work for.

In the meantime, I have finally had my first hour and a half in the gym at the Tottenham Court Road YMCA. I won the membership of this in an auction last year, so I hope to burn off a few calories and perhaps start to eat a bit more healthy.

A whole new start...... though I am shattered!!!!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Keep changing

For some reason, I do seem to enjoy changing the settings on the blogs.

I suppose one looks at it and thinks, a change is needed and nothing is good as a change (sometimes), but sometimes change is just what the doctor ordered.

Looking at some of my past blogs, it seems that I have talked a lot about Doctor Who and that will continue in future blogs as well.

I've mentioned in previous blogs about forthcoming DVDs and there are so many due, one such release scheduled for 6th July is called the Black Guardian triology from 1983 and one of the stories includes a four-parter entitled 'Mawdryn Undead' featuring the return of local Haringey resident, Nicholas Courtney, who I was with only a week ago. More on that soon.

There is so much to say about changing and as the good Doctor would say "I'll tell you later"......